Josie Music Awards 2020

Dolly Parton Celebrity Theatre, Pigeon Forge, TN

What's being said... The Largest Independent Industry Award Show! The Event of the Year for Indies! Largest Internationally Recognized Independent Award Show Organization & Event! An EPIC Show! The Most Sought After & Revered Award in the Independent Music Industry! The Major Show for Indies!
Honest, Fair, Highly Respected!
Makes a difference in the careers of indies with signings, more radio airplay, more interviews, more shows, better pay at shows, better venues, better perks at shows, respect, larger fan base, collaborations, extreme exposure, networking, and so much more. Fun, supportive, friendly, like a big family reunion! Pro Judging Panel - NOT judged by a panel of your peers. Professional Production! A Majors Production for Indies! The "Josie" is a coveted award in the independent music industry! The company that treats indies as major label signed artists!